Souleyman Ladji Koné

    Ladji starts dancing as a self-taught teacher in his neighborhood of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. In 2003, the discovery of hip-hop culture channeled its exuberant energy and breakdance became his laboratory of research of possible. After trainings in theater and musicality he opens to contemporary dance. In 2012 he joined the school EDIT Irène Tassembédo for a three-year vocational training. Other experiences, trainings and residences follow, Ladji passes by the places like the CDCN the Echangeur Hauts-de-France, the Ecole des Sables, the CDC the Termitière, the EDIT, the Black-Ballet Pavilion Preljocaj, the laboratory Ankata and Hellerau / European Center for the Arts Dresden …

    Today, Ladji continues his artistic research at the intersection of languages: hip-hop, traditional, contemporary dances, and theater. In the company cieL K, he merged his universe with the visual artist Michaela Solnická Volná. The creations of the company cultivate actions and creations rooted in dance and design in encounter with various artistic disciplines. This open approach and this emphasis on complicity, maintains dynamism and perpetual questioning without prejudices and brings Ladji to work with choreographers and artists like Amala Dianor, Mie Coquempot, Roger Nydegger, Erwann Bouvier, Anouar Dekkaki, Jann Gallois, Marion Alzieu, Jean-Robert Kiki Koudogbo, Avatara Ayuso … His collaborations do not want to know borders or limits of styles.

    He is a co-founder and artistic director of the Hip Hop Collective JUMP (United Youth for a Positive Movement) in Burkina Faso, with the aim of innovating and boosting his meetings for the benefit of young people in Africa and elsewhere.