New School

Duration 20'

Straight out of “Di(s)generation”, Amala Dianor’s latest original work, the New School trio unites a new generation of dancers who twist the codes of hip hop until pushing them to the brink of uncharted universes. Through their complicity and unrelenting playfulness, the artists pave the way to an abstract journey where codes and colours mingle… This is the birth of “Abstract”, a dancing style that dares to be hybrid yet remains rooted in the rules and conventions of hip hop.


Amala Dianor


Admir Mirena | Sandrine Lescourant | Link Berthomieux


Awir Léon


Amala Dianor Company / Kaplan

With the support of

The department of Seine-Saint-Denis and the CNDC d’Angers

Photos © Le poulpe & Benoite Fanton