Duration 15'

Extension is a nod to Amala Dianor and Bboy Junior’s first encounter on stage, celebrating the twentieth edition of the “Festival Suresnes Cité Danses”. For this new original work, they have created  a duo that combines their graceful feline energies, their technical mastery and their physical exploits, transcended by mutual generosity and fraternity. As a dialogue between two renowned artists of the French hip hop scene, Extension shows them grow through this artistic conversation with one another. Their physical talents, the statements they make through their art in order to always push hip hop further, echo each other and assemble. They lean against one another to help each other, outdo themselves, and take flight.


Junior Bosila (Bboy Junior) et Amala Dianor




Samson Milcent

Proposed and produced by

Théâtre de Suresnes – Jean Vilar

With the support of

CNDC d’Angers

Photos © Jef Rabillon