Duration 60'

At the core of hip hop lies the motto: “Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun”. Many great things in store for this artistic movement which has been growing in France for more than thirty years and has brought about several generations of dancers! Born in the street yesterday, addicted to Youtube today, these generations are assembled on stage by choreographer Amala Dianor through a high-level casting call. How have this philosophy, these dancing techniques, these memories, travelled from one generation to the next? Between the “grown-ups” and the young shoots, Amala Dianor made a point of preserving this defiant, confrontational culture, this taste for performance and for the pleasure of dancing. All the while implicitly promoting positive ideas like kindness to one another, transmission and solidarity, no matter one’s age or origins. A show conceived like a utopian remedy to the perspectives that are enforced upon us!


Amala Dianor

Assistant Choreographer

Rindra Rasoaveloson


Gabin Nuissier Brahim Bouchelaghem Mathias Rassin Admir Mirena Sandrine Lescourant Link Berthomieux


Awir Léon


Xavier Lazarini

Stage Manager

Samson Milcent

Light Manager

Guillaume Février & Sonia Perdigoa


Compagnie Amala Dianor / Kaplan


Théâtre Louis Aragon Scène conventionnée danse de Tremblayen-France (93) CNDC d’Angers le CCN de Créteil et du val de Marne WIP La Villette and the Théâtre Paul Eluard de Bezons the subsidized dancing space as part the artistic program of the Région Ile de France (78)

With the support of

DRAC Pays de la Loire CCN de La Rochelle ARCADI | SPEDIDAM

Photos © Le Poulpe