Matthias Rassin

    Born in 1975, Rassin discovered hip hop dance at the age of 9. He developed his art in the street, in lobbies, in schoolyards. Having tried, in no particular order, locking, pop, jazz rock, house dance and having considerably enriched his dance vocabulary throughout his journey, he found his niche in break dance, building his artistic identity. He chose to specialize in Top Rock, steps which a break dancer uses to drop to the ground and begin his rotations. This dance form began in the 70s in the poorer neighborhoods of New York City, where gangs and urban violence were common sights. The practice consisted of a series of challenges (Up rock or Rocking), in a curious blend of salsa steps, African dance, the Hustle, tap dance, the Lindy Hop, etc. His style, his attitude, his energy and the musicality of his approach have been recognized around the world: he teaches at Tony Mascott’s school and became Champion of France at the Boty 2004 and took second place in the World competition. In 2006, he became a trainer on MTV, introducing street dance to regular audiences. Mathias has also worked with several companies to set creations by Jean Claude Pambe Wayack, Eric Checco, Léa Cazauran and Amala Dianor.