Johanna Faye

    Johanna Faye is a member of the collective group FAIR-E, and is the co-director of the CCNRB in Rennes, Brittany. She has already danced in a work by Amala Dianor, a female quartet, Parallèle, created in 2013 at the CND. But when conventional language is not enough, the body driven by meaning becomes a vector for stories and the dialogues of the protagonists, finding a middle ground through movement. Here is one of the principal issues in the creative movement of Johanna Faye: a conversation based in the multiple inspirations of the dancer and choreographer, where the importance of her relationship to the ground, pulled directly from her B-girl practice — is measured against the verticality and sense-based approach of contemporary dance. Johanna Faye intends to rehabilitate this non verbal language, a way of refocusing our attention on that which people are by instinct.