Quelque Part au Milieu de l'Infini

Duration 45'

With this new original show, Amala Dianor takes us to infinite territories, ones we need to clear and decipher: the territories of human nature, that bring together three individuals whose stories take root in Burkina Faso, Algeria and Senegal. Countries where people keep aspiring for better, leading them to act, move, fight… to make choices. Notions like borders and freedom resonate strongly with each other.

Through dance, the choreographer tackles these very issues, well aware of mankind’s unbridled desire to always possess more. Yet, he invites us to this “somewhere”, to take a step back so we can stop and relish the possibility of interaction, mutual assistance and attentiveness between these three men, united somewhere in the midst of infinity. They will poetically question their own freedom, and test their own borders through this encounter, during which African dance, hip hop and contemporary dance will take the stage, leading to clash or synergy.


Amala Dianor

Assistant choreographer

Rindra Rasoaveloson


Sanson Milcent


Amala Dianor | Souleyman Ladji Koné | Pansun Kim


Awir Léon


Fabien Lamri


Olivier Gilquin & Constance Joliff

Video Manager

Martin Rahart


Julie Couturier


Compagnie Amala Dianor / Kaplan


Théâtre Louis Aragon Scène conventionnée danse de Tremblay-en-France (93) | CNDC d’Angers | CDC Pôle Sud | Ballet National de Marseille | Le Cargo | La ville d’Angers

With the support of

Groupe Caisse des dépôts, of the city Angers and the Région des Pays de la Loire

Photos © Valérie Frossard