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Trait d’Union [Hyphen] "The idea of individuals meeting each other is the most powerful motor for the creative process driving my work since the founding of my company. How shall I describe this vital energy which motivates us every day to walk, to breathe, to love -- and which links us together invisibly? Responding to this brings out the vulnerability in our choreographic vocabulary, finding its strength in elements of hip hop and contemporary dance. This link, complex and fragile at the same time, the source of a sort of global balance, impalpable, can always be seen in the movements of the dance.
I invited two artists who each channel an explosive energy to meet for the first time. Sarah Cerneaux, a strong, powerful dancer. The calligrapher Julien Breton whose work is both highly disciplined and spontaneous in movement and painting. His movement is unique, precise, chiseled. His semantic research involves a universal language, often carrying an emotion which goes beyond words. Between these two individuals and their abundant energy, the dance becomes in itself a sort of hyphen.
The particularity of these two artists, beyond their abilities in movement, comes from the differences between them and the dichotomy between how they are in their daily lives and onstage. I see in them the softness and the strength which often mistakenly characterizes the two sexes, but also the vitality, the force and the intelligence of their bodies as they move. By juxtaposing their energies and their techniques, I hope they will transcend themselves, moving toward a form of osmosis, creating together a common language, beyond all artistic and stylistic limitations. This is the basis for the duo Trait d’union, inviting two individuals who seem so separate to create a dialogue with their differences, and to find a common language." Amala Dianor

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World premiere
26 january 2018
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Sarah Cerneaux and Julien Breton aka Kaalam
Amala Dianor
Julien Breton aka Kaalam
Awir Léon
Guillaume Février
KAPLAN | Cie Amala Dianor
CDCN POLE SUD-Strasbourg, Scènes de pays dans les Mauges, le théâtre Jean Vilar à Suresnes, le Centre de la danse GPS&O Pierre-Doussaint.
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Château Ephémère
With the support of
Département du Maine-et-Loire, Région Pays de la Loire, SPEDIDAM.
Associate artist

Amala Dianor is associated artist to Touka Danses, CDCN Guyane, France (2021-2024) and Théâtre de Macon, France (2021-24) ; Les Quinconces - l’Espale, scène nationale le Mans, France (2021-2024).


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